On Eileen O’Neill, The Scandal of Philosophy, and the Angel of History – Digressions&Impressions

Let me begin with the latter model, which I shall term the “pure history” model. According to this historiographical method, evaluations of philosophical arguments and projects, while crucial to philosophy, are irrelevant to the history of philosophy. Scholars who use this model, like the nineteenth-century historian of ancient philosophy Eduard... — Read on digressionsnimpressions.typepad.com/digressionsimpressions/2019/04/on-eileen-oneill-and-the-angel-of-history.html

Raising daughters changes fathers’ views on gender roles | OUPblog

Researchers who have looked into attitudes towards gender are divided. While some posit that attitudes can change over the life course, others argue that they are formed before adulthood and remain fairly stable thereafter. We explored this question in greater detail by studying the effect of raising daughters on parental attitudes. — Read on blog.oup.com/