The Limitations of a NATO-Middle East Military Cooperation – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

The U.S. government should realign its objectives towards the Atlantic Alliance in the Middle East with the reality of NATO’s regional engagement. Given the limitations of NATO’s military cooperation—however, small successes it has yielded—and its security assistance, it should not expect to decisively impact the military effectiveness of Middle Eastern partners. But NATO has and [...]

Looking at War Across 2,500 Years – The New York Times

I think the United States was right to invade Afghanistan after 9/11 (yet wrong to stay any longer than six months). But even as I differed with his words, I was glad to read them. Edstrom is asking hard questions that both the American people and their leaders have sidestepped for years. For example, he [...]

U.S. officials misled the public about the war in Afghanistan, confidential documents reveal – Washington Post

For nearly two decades of war in Afghanistan, U.S. leaders have sounded a constant refrain: We are making progress. They were not, documents show, and they knew it. — Read on

The End of Grand Strategy | Foreign Affairs

The changing nature of power, along with its diffusion in the international system, has made it much more difficult for the United States to shape its destiny. Rather than quarrel over contending strategic doctrines, U.S. scholars and policymakers should focus on more pragmatic forms of problem solving.  — Read on

Shakespeare Conquers America! Starring Ulysses S. Grant as Desdemona – The New York Times

America is massive. Shakespeare is massive. When two such cultural hyper-objects meet, they’re bound to create a black hole strong enough to suck in and warp just about anything around them. James Shapiro analyzes the effects of their collision in his terrific new book, “Shakespeare in a Divided America: What His Plays Tell Us About [...]

Lying in Politics: Reflections on The Pentagon Papers | by Hannah Arendt | The New York Review of Books

“The picture of the world’s greatest superpower killing or seriously injuring a thousand non-combatants a week, while trying to pound a tiny backward nation into submission on an issue whose merits are hotly disputed, is not a pretty one.” —Robert S. McNamara The Pentagon Papers, like so much else in history, tell different stories, teach [...]

Military Cooperation Group dialogue postponed – The Hindu

The MCG is a forum to review the progress of defence cooperation between India’s Integrated Defence Staff and the USINDOPACOM at the strategic and operational levels. The Integrated Defence Staff was responsible for coordination among the armed forces before the appointment of the Chief of Defence Staff. As part of improving defence cooperation and interoperability, [...]

The Life and Times of Pancho Villa

Villa -- the man, the myth, and the revolutionary -- dominates this magnificent tome. Katz goes beyond Villa's popular image as a ruthless Robin Hood to investigate the remarkable movement he led: the largest revolutionary army in Latin American history and the only social uprising ever on the U.S. border. Katz first describes Villa's emergence [...]

Native American Boarding Schools and Forced Assimilation – SAPIENS

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the United States government used family separation and schools to try to erase Native American children’s traditional cultures and languages. A newly published archive of photographs visually documents some Indigenous peoples’ struggle for survival. — Read on

A Culinary Golden Age—but for Whom? | Public Books

In the 17th century, nostalgia was considered a disease.1 Today, nostalgia has shifted from an individual illness to a collective malaise. It is now often considered ethically suspect, something shameful, a pervasive form of “history without guilt.”2 This suspicion of nostalgia makes sense in a political landscape where the dominant rhetoric aspires to a return [...]