Eurasia Daily Monitor — Volume 17, Issue 30

*Moscow balks at Iranian interest in developing new east–west canal across North Caucasus *Azerbaijan, Italy boost economic, military, political ties *Ukrainian Security Service uncovers another bot farm operation supported by Russian intelligence — Read on

A nation of my dreams : Imaginations, Partitions and the Colonialism of Ideas

A strange sort of dream haunts our world, born of the minds of great thinkers, politicians and leaders of men - a dream of the future. Their minds - or souls would be a better word - are possessed with dissatisfaction, a constant state of unrest and a longing. It is a longing for the [...]

Rethinking Global (Dis)Order : a critique of International Diplomacy II

Times like these tempt one - almost irresistibly - to conjure up labels to describe the world, an everchanging world, a world in flux, which while re-orienting itself towards new possibilities brings in its wake the threat - the greatest of all - of disorder. If there is one idea that holds hostage the imagination [...]