Toward a collaborative model of pandemic preparedness and response: Taiwan’s changing approach to pandemics – ScienceDirect

Over time, as newly emerging infectious diseases have become increasingly common and more easily spread, it has become clear that traditional response mechanisms have proven inadequate to the task of prevention and control. Drawing on Taiwan as a case study, we assess the role of the whole-of-society approach to epidemic response as arises from the [...]

Importance of Institutional Power: Taiwan’s Response to Covid Case Study

Why are some nation-states able to handle situations of crisis better than others? The answer lies in the Institutional Power capabilities which successful nation-states create over time. In this presentation we develop a theory of Institutional Power and apply it to Taiwan's response in containing the Covid pandemic. A comprehensive list of news sources related [...]

EDITORIAL: Exchanges with France invaluable – Taipei Times

French Office in Taipei director Benoit Guidee in July 2018 called Taiwan “an important partner of France in Asia,” and “a platform for French development in the region.” Guidee is now stationed in Shanghai, and it is unknown whether he represented sentiment in Paris when he made the remarks, but Tsai should probe France’s intentions [...]