Mimicking the mullahs – The Houthi model of government | Middle East and Africa | The Economist

Yemen’s civil war is now multi-sided, with several groups vying for control of parts of the country. Last month America reportedly launched an (unsuccessful) air strike on a senior member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps inside Houthi territory. Mr Houthi, for his part, says he is leading a massira quraniya, or Koranic march. His followers [...]

Saudi Aramco looks downstream, and East – Schumpeter

IN MOST WESTERN eyes Saudi Aramco inspires either awe or disdain. Financiers are in the first camp. They gobbled up the state-owned behemoth’s first-ever global bonds last week, gasped at its $111bn annual profit and, for all their professed concern about climate change, gushed over how cheaply it can pump oil for decades to come. [...]