The Putin Regime Cracks – Carnegie Moscow Center – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

The pandemic has revealed a truth of the Russian government. Vladimir Putin has become increasingly disengaged from routine matters of governing and prefers to delegate most issues. — Read on

What is Geopolitics: from theory to practice From a functional definition of geo-politics to geopolitics as a framework for STATECRAFT/POLICY-MAKING. In this presentation we proceed from a conceptual unpacking of geopolitics, to linking it with geostrategy, geoeconomics and geotechnology, and see how this can be formulated into a geo-political web of power, for building the power capacity, and resource capability, of [...]

Giving “Doctor Zhivago” Another Chance – Los Angeles Review of Books

WHEN MAX HAYWARD and Manya Harari translated Doctor Zhivago into English in 1958, it had not yet appeared in Russian. The novel, which traces the life and love affair of a Moscow doctor through three wars and two revolutions, was considered “anti-revolutionary” by the Politburo, and Soviet publishers had refused to publish it. In response, [...]

‘Beanpole’ Director Kantemir Balagov: A Q&A

Kantemir Balagov explains the origins of his Russian historical drama, the best international film not nominated for an Oscar this year. In a couple of quick years, Balagov has become one of the great young hopes of international cinema — a director who can tell complex, resonant stories and who has the stylistic dexterity of [...]

Russia’s Putin and Turkey’s Erdogan head for talks with major Syria rift between them – The Washington Post

Syria is again testing relations between Putin and Erdogan, who are on either side of an escalating and unpredictable showdown in the country’s Idlib province. A planned meeting Thursday in Moscow will mark their first face-to-face encounter since Syrian government forces — backed by ally Russia — launched a major offensive in Idlib, the last [...]

Eurasia Daily Monitor — Volume 17, Issue 30

*Moscow balks at Iranian interest in developing new east–west canal across North Caucasus *Azerbaijan, Italy boost economic, military, political ties *Ukrainian Security Service uncovers another bot farm operation supported by Russian intelligence — Read on

Syrians in northern Aleppo terrified as regime advances

Syrians living in the areas held by the Turkish-backed opposition in northern Aleppo have been living in constant worry since Syrian regime forces and their allies made significant advances in the northwestern province of Idlib in the past two months. There have been rapidly progressing attacks by the regime forces backed by heavy Russian air support and systematic bombing and destruction of [...]

Russia’s Shift To China, From Farmlands To Geopolitics – Worldcrunch

The geopolitical course of the Russian Federation has been debated for decades, but the gravitational forces towards Asia are now obvious for all to see — if you just bother to go look. For more than 15 years, stories circulated about some Chinese businessmen or another taking over a farm in the Russian Far East, [...]

Tomgram: Michael Klare, On the Road to World War III? | TomDispatch

On the Road to World War III? Combine all of this -- economic attacks, cyber attacks, and ever more aggressive muscle-flexing military operations -- and you have a situation in which a modern version of the Cuban Missile Crisis between the U.S. and China or the U.S. and Russia or even involving all three could [...]

The Mercenaries Behind Russian Operations in Africa – Jamestown

Russian security operations in Africa prove more nuanced, as Russia deploys private military companies (PMC) to pursue its geopolitical ambitions. Echoing its Syria strategy, Russian PMCs operate in Libya, Sudan and the Central African Republic (CAR), among other countries. As a result, Russian security influence stretches from the Eastern Mediterranean to the north African coast [...]