Writers blocked: Even fantasy fiction is now offensive | Spectator USA

Persecution is endemic in the vicious world of Young Adult publishing. The escapist settings of fantasy fiction are still afflicted by the culture war — Read on spectator.us/writers-blocked-fantasy-fiction/


Ashoka the Great and Kublai Khan: theories of kingship

http://www.youtube.com/watch The reigns of Ashoka the Great of the Mauryan Empire of India (268-232 BC), and Kublai Khan of the Mongol Yuan dynasty of China (1271-1294 AD) were separated by almost 1500 years. Despite the distance of Time and Space there was one fundamental idea that united their Empires: that is Kublai Khan’s adoption of … Continue reading Ashoka the Great and Kublai Khan: theories of kingship

‘Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth’ Exhibit Explores Author’s Imagination | National Review

The detail and care taken in the presentation of this exhibit show the intense planning and forethought given by the museum’s curators. Every aspect is intended to help immerse the viewer in Tolkien’s imagination. — Read on http://www.nationalreview.com/2019/04/tolkien-artwork-exhibit-morgan-library-color-magic/

On Eileen O’Neill, The Scandal of Philosophy, and the Angel of History – Digressions&Impressions

Let me begin with the latter model, which I shall term the “pure history” model. According to this historiographical method, evaluations of philosophical arguments and projects, while crucial to philosophy, are irrelevant to the history of philosophy. Scholars who use this model, like the nineteenth-century historian of ancient philosophy Eduard... — Read on digressionsnimpressions.typepad.com/digressionsimpressions/2019/04/on-eileen-oneill-and-the-angel-of-history.html