Egypt breaks ice with Hamas

Saleh al-Arouri, deputy chief of Hamas' political bureau, announced during an interview on Al-Aqsa satellite channel Feb. 22 that Egypt sent an invitation to Hamas to visit it to discuss several important issues. Arouri said that Egypt is Hamas’ second home and underlined the stability of relations between them. This is the first time Egypt [...]

Israeli-Palestinian Relations: Donald Trump’s ‘Peace Plan’ Sows Confusion and Dismay – DER SPIEGEL

U.S. President Donald Trump's plan to end hostilities between Israelis and Palestinians has raised more questions than it has answered, not least in Jerusalem and Ramallah. In the Jordan Valley, which would be hard hit by the proposal, Palestinians and Israelis alike are venting their frustration. — Read on

What’s in store for Palestinian-Jordanian ties as US rolls out peace plan?

The US peace plan announced in the White House Jan. 28 has not only unified the Palestinians, but appears to have cemented Jordanian-Palestinian relations that in the past went through some rocky ups and downs. As he was delivering his scathing criticism to the US plan at the Arab League foreign ministers meeting Feb. 1, President [...]

US peace plan may unwittingly unite Palestinians against it

Palestinians are evaluating the negative implications of the deal, as well as its potential to turn the page on the Palestinian division. Their similar take on the peace plan stirs talk about how determined they are to achieve reconciliation and refuse the deal in one united voice. They are discussing the remaining points of contention between [...]