Afghanistan geo-strategically important for India; could be tapped for defence exports – The Financial Express

The testbed for holding a more comprehensive round of talks with Afghanistan has been considered successful by the parties involved. The US and Taliban have signed an agreement on February 29, 2019, that could usher in peace after a 19-year-old war. It has taken 10 years of intermittent engagement with the Taliban for the Americans [...]

Why America Failed in Afghanistan

Winning in Afghanistan was always going to be difficult, but avoidable errors have made it impossible. The United States failed in Afghanistan largely because of intractable grievances, Pakistan’s meddling, and an intense Afghan commitment to resisting occupiers, and it stayed largely because of unrelenting terrorist threats and their effect on U.S. electoral politics. There were [...]

For peace in Afghanistan, Pakistan is the key – Asia Times

the Afghan war is mutating. No surprises here, since this has been at its core all along a Clausewitzian war – a continuation of politics by other means. The US intends to keep select military bases in Afghanistan, which it rebuilt and equipped at very considerable cost, anticipating a long-term military and intelligence deployment. What [...]

A New US Strategy for Central Asia: Continuity Under Better Conditions – The Diplomat

Ambassador Alice Wells, principal deputy assistant secretary for South and Central Asia, said, “it’s basically the holy trinity of U.S. policy in Central Asia.” The new strategy’s public version is sorted into six policy objectives: 1) Support and strengthen the sovereignty and independence of the Central Asian States, individually and as a region; 2) Reduce [...]

The Coming US-China Competition in Central Asia – The Diplomat

Ahead of the United States’ new Central Asia strategy, unveiled in a Washington event on Wednesday, Pompeo announced a “new era of strategic partnership” with Uzbekistan and promised that “the sky is the limit” for American investment in Kazakhstan. Further underlining his message, he met with the families of ethnic Kazakhs being held in mass [...]