Sounds of the Forest: A Free Audio Archive Gathers the Sounds of Forests from All Over the World | Open Culture

Sounds of the Forest: A Free Audio Archive Gathers the Sounds of Forests from All Over the World | Open Culture — Read on

Live with Carnegie Hall | Carnegie Hall

Music has the undeniable power to comfort, uplift, connect, and inspire. In response to this unprecedented time, we invite you to join us for an entirely new original online series: Live with Carnegie Hall. Tune in for unforgettable episodes that feature some of the world’s finest artists as they share behind-the-scenes stories, excerpts from past [...]

“Les Troyens” at the Met by Jacques Barzun | The New Criterion

Berlioz, adapting Virgil, has given us a tale of two cities, both shown to us at first in happy celebration, both ending in disaster; each the scene of a collective and an individual tragedy through faith misplaced. Troy falls through its excessive piety, Carthage is shattered by the love-betrayal of its queen. It is therefore [...]

Why we read: the joy of books

There is an ubiquity of apps these days which condense books into snippets or short video/audio presentations. I like the idea. After all, time is the rarest ‘commodity’ in today’s world. (The self quarantine that many of us are currently going through has given us a new sense of the value of personal time.) However, [...]

For Nietzsche, life’s ultimate question was: ‘Does it dance?’ | Aeon Ideas

... in Human, All Too Human (1878), Nietzsche elaborates that all human symbolism – even music – is rooted in the ‘imitation of gesture’ at work in ancient tragedy. He writes that the human impulse to move with others ‘is older than language, and goes on involuntarily … [even] when the language of gesture is [...]

All the world’s a stage – buskers can make it big in a connected world

Street musicians are the producers of sidewalk melodies, the authors of the soundtrack of our cities. There is a unique interrelation between buskers and fans that occurs only in the streets, with no security staff, no VIP seats, or entrance fee. In the past two decades, the audience for street performers has grown from dozens [...]

In the Library of Lévi-Strauss | Public Books

One of the most curious aspects of this book, The Raw and the Cooked, is that it is composed as a series of melodic ventures—song, sonata, symphony, fugue—inviting one to experience its passages musically. “When the reader has crossed the bounds of irritation and boredom and is moving away from the book,” Lévi-Strauss writes hopefully [...]