Rise and Fall of the Indus Valley Civilisation: a perspective

    The Indus Valley Civilisation lasted from the late fifth to the second millennium BC, developed a vast network of well planned settlements and engaged in long distance trade with Egypt and Mesopotamia. The civilisation was referred to as Meluhha in Mesopotamian sources - a name which still exists in India for many fertile [...]

An interview with authors of Lost Maps of the Caliphs: A meticulous book about an extraordinary Fatimid manuscript illustrating the heavens and the earth as was known in 11th century Cairo « Simerg – Insights from Around the World

An enlightening interview with authors of "Lost Maps of the Caliphs," a book about an amazing Fatimid manuscript that maps the heavens and the earth. The manuscript surfaced in the year 2000, and was acquired by Oxford's Bodleian Library. — Read on simerg.com/2020/01/26/an-insightful-interview-with-authors-of-lost-maps-of-the-caliphs-a-work-on-an-amazing-fatimid-treatise-which-provides-a-view-of-the-heavens-and-the-earth-as-was-known-in-11th-century-cair/

Belt and Road Initiative: Geopolitical Analysis

http://www.youtube.com/watch The Belt and Road initiative is a convergence of China's New Silk Road project to create land routes through Central Asia, linking Eurasia and Europe, with the New Maritime Silk Road initiative to build a network of ports and logistics in the Indian Ocean region. This presentation analyses the geopolitics of the Belt and [...]

Sun Tzu’s Art of War: Geopolitics of Ancient China

http://www.youtube.com/watch Sun Tzu's Art of War is the perennial classic of grand strategy, marking a paradigm shift in the organisation of warfare in not just Chinese but world history. Master Sun professes the importance of training, leadership and the study of warfare not just as an art but also as a science. 'The use of [...]

Geopolitics of the Indian Ocean: the Indo-Pacific

http://www.youtube.com/watch The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean, its littoral countries are home to almost half the world’s population. two-thirds of the world’s trade passes through the Indian Ocean, including most of its oil supplies. It is no surprise then that the Indian Ocean is fast emerging as the world’s most actively contested geopolitical [...]

Geopolitics of the Peloponnesian War

http://www.youtube.com/watch The Peloponnesian War was a three decade long conflict between two alliances of city states in Ancient Greece lasting from 431-400 BC. It was a total war, involving massive movements of armies and navies across land and sea; it affected the lives of almost every person in the Ancient Greek world, inflicting tremendous losses [...]

Geopolitics of Early Human Migrations: Land, Terrain and Territory

http://www.youtube.com/watch The presentation takes a Big History approach to understanding Early Human Migrations and dispersal out of Africa across all continents of the world. We begin by creating a framework for our analysis based on anthropology and political geography. We apply it to the broad swathe of human history beginning around 250,000 years ago and [...]