The Coronavirus Crisis May Assure Netanyahu’s Survival | ACW

... the coronavirus had infected over 9,200 Israelis and killed 65. While the COVID-19 disease caused by the virus has brought the world to a standstill, it may well have provided a political lifeline to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose career in Israeli politics was thought to be on its deathbed following accusations of [...]

The Middle East Peace “Vision” From an Old CIA Hand – Just Security

The recent rollout of the much-ballyhooed Trump administration “vision” for Middle East peace resulted in an outpouring of negative comments from former United States government officials who have worked in the region. Critics charged that the so-called “vision” was decidedly one-sided in favor of Israel—specifically adhering to the ideology of the Israeli right, with the [...]

Egypt breaks ice with Hamas

Saleh al-Arouri, deputy chief of Hamas' political bureau, announced during an interview on Al-Aqsa satellite channel Feb. 22 that Egypt sent an invitation to Hamas to visit it to discuss several important issues. Arouri said that Egypt is Hamas’ second home and underlined the stability of relations between them. This is the first time Egypt [...]

Ancient ‘outlaw temple’ discovered in Israel | Live Science

The temple was likely built around 900 B.C. and operated for a few hundred years, until its demise in the early sixth century B.C., according to Kisilevitz and her co-researcher, who wrote about it in the January/February issue of the Biblical Archaeology Review magazine. This timing of the temple's existence dumbfounded archaeologists. "The Bible details [...]

Israeli-Palestinian Relations: Donald Trump’s ‘Peace Plan’ Sows Confusion and Dismay – DER SPIEGEL

U.S. President Donald Trump's plan to end hostilities between Israelis and Palestinians has raised more questions than it has answered, not least in Jerusalem and Ramallah. In the Jordan Valley, which would be hard hit by the proposal, Palestinians and Israelis alike are venting their frustration. — Read on

US peace plan may unwittingly unite Palestinians against it

Palestinians are evaluating the negative implications of the deal, as well as its potential to turn the page on the Palestinian division. Their similar take on the peace plan stirs talk about how determined they are to achieve reconciliation and refuse the deal in one united voice. They are discussing the remaining points of contention between [...]

The Great Queen Semiramis of Assyria (800 BC) : from Biblitheca Historica Before Alexander the Great (c 356-320 BC) marched to the frontiers of India through the wreck of the Persian Empire; before Cyrus the Great (c 600-530 BC), the first Emperor of the Persians conquered those frontier lands, there was the legendary queen Semiramis - who led the first recorded invasion from the West into [...]

Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman – Review

Cognitive Conditioning: Thinking Fast and Slow (Review) — Read on Dr. Daniel Kahneman's 'Thinking Fast and Slow' (2011) is the culmination of Nobel Prize winning investigation/research into how the mind works. By using insights from the book, we can condition our mind to be faster, smarter and less prone to errors, while solidifying experience [...]