The 19 Best Crime-Solving Writers in Fiction, Ranked | CrimeReads

The crime-solving writer is one of the most (deservingly!) beloved tropes in all of crime fiction—literature, film and television alike. After all,  crime-solving offers a thrilling, high-stakes fantasy outlet for the kind of dogged research, fact-checking, and discovery-making at which writers excel. Plus, everyone seems to think that writers have endless free time during the [...]

Industrial giant Honeywell says it’s built the world’s best quantum computer – MIT Technology Review

Honeywell, a US company best known for its home thermostats, has announced that it has built the world’s most powerful quantum computer. While all eyes were on IBM and Google, which last year knocked heads over quantum supremacy, Honeywell has been working quietly on quantum tech that it plans to make available to clients via the [...]

Belt and Road Initiative: Geopolitical Analysis The Belt and Road initiative is a convergence of China's New Silk Road project to create land routes through Central Asia, linking Eurasia and Europe, with the New Maritime Silk Road initiative to build a network of ports and logistics in the Indian Ocean region. This presentation analyses the geopolitics of the Belt and [...]

Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman – Review

Cognitive Conditioning: Thinking Fast and Slow (Review) — Read on Dr. Daniel Kahneman's 'Thinking Fast and Slow' (2011) is the culmination of Nobel Prize winning investigation/research into how the mind works. By using insights from the book, we can condition our mind to be faster, smarter and less prone to errors, while solidifying experience [...]

Geopolitics of the Indian Ocean: the Indo-Pacific The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean, its littoral countries are home to almost half the world’s population. two-thirds of the world’s trade passes through the Indian Ocean, including most of its oil supplies. It is no surprise then that the Indian Ocean is fast emerging as the world’s most actively contested geopolitical [...]

We Spoke to an MIT Computer Scientists About the Simulation Hypothesis | Digital Trends

The simulation hypothesis, which was famously probed in the 1999 film The Matrix, is the subject of a new book by Rizwan Virk, a computer scientist and video game developer who leads Play Labs at MIT. In his book, Virk endeavors to unpack the heady arguments that call our physical world into question. — Read [...]

Geopolitics of the Peloponnesian War The Peloponnesian War was a three decade long conflict between two alliances of city states in Ancient Greece lasting from 431-400 BC. It was a total war, involving massive movements of armies and navies across land and sea; it affected the lives of almost every person in the Ancient Greek world, inflicting tremendous losses [...]