For These Two Countries, the Strategic Calculus in the Indian Ocean Region Remains Unchanged – Defense Security Monitor

While forecasts anticipate flat or declining topline defense budget trajectories among many countries stemming from COVID-19 relief measures, the same cannot be said for two peer rival states angling for strategic leverage in the Indian Ocean Region: China and India. Though defense-related spending may slow this year and possibly next, the investment paths in the [...]

Military Cooperation Group dialogue postponed – The Hindu

The MCG is a forum to review the progress of defence cooperation between India’s Integrated Defence Staff and the USINDOPACOM at the strategic and operational levels. The Integrated Defence Staff was responsible for coordination among the armed forces before the appointment of the Chief of Defence Staff. As part of improving defence cooperation and interoperability, [...]

China’s Dilemmas over Stalled North Korean Denuclearization Talks – Carnegie-Tsinghua Center – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

As North Korea continues to stall talks with the United States and South Korea, there is a greater need for China to play a more assertive role to help break the impasse. However, Beijing’s efforts to promote sanction relief for Pyongyang when it is unclear what North Korea will do about its nuclear programs make [...]

United Southeast Asian front against China unlikely | East Asia Forum

There are good reasons why an anti-China front within ASEAN is unlikely to materialise. These nations all want China’s continued economic largesse and have political and military reasons for not wanting to fall out of favour with China. — Read on

Trump admn proposes $1.5 billion fund to ensure Indo-Pacific is free of ‘malign Chinese influence’ – Kashmir Images Newspaper

The Trump administration has proposed USD 1.5 billion in budgetary allocation for 2021 fiscal for the strategic Indo-Pacific, which it said was part of its efforts to ensure that the region remains free, open, and independent of "malign Chinese influence". China has been trying to spread its influence in the resource-rich Indo-Pacific region. To counter [...]

Security and Prosperity in Asia | Chatham House

At a time of geopolitical uncertainty and with multilateralism under pressure, this conference brought together diverse actors to explore the evolving role of international law on critical security and economic issues in the Asia-Pacific. From trade agreements to deep-sea mining, cyberwarfare to territorial disputes, the breadth of the discussion illustrated the growing reach of international law [...]

Discussion on maritime order and connectivity in the Indian Ocean: The renewed significance of the Bay of Bengal | ORF

A discussion on the recently released Special Issue of the Journal of the Indian Ocean Region, Vol. 15, Issue 3 titled Maritime Order and Connectivity — Read on

Scary reality: China’s secret Cambodian military base – NZ Herald

It's supposed to be an international airport. It's supposed to be part of a large-scale holiday resort on a pristine piece of Cambodian coastline. But it's not. About 45,000ha of an unspoiled national park is being ripped up to build it. Deep-water channels are being dredged through clear waters. Little wonder the Koh Kong Beachside [...]