Military Cooperation Group dialogue postponed – The Hindu

The MCG is a forum to review the progress of defence cooperation between India’s Integrated Defence Staff and the USINDOPACOM at the strategic and operational levels. The Integrated Defence Staff was responsible for coordination among the armed forces before the appointment of the Chief of Defence Staff. As part of improving defence cooperation and interoperability, [...]

Freedom in the World 2020: A Leaderless Struggle for Democracy

Democracy and pluralism are under assault. Dictators are toiling to stamp out the last vestiges of domestic dissent and spread their harmful influence to new corners of the world. At the same time, many freely elected leaders are dramatically narrowing their concerns to a blinkered interpretation of the national interest. In fact, such leaders—including the [...]

Why does the Indian state both fail and succeed? – Marginal REVOLUTION

The Indian state’s performance spans the spectrum from woefully inadequate, especially in core public goods provision, to surprisingly impressive in successfully managing complex tasks and on a massive scale. It has delivered better on macroeconomic rather than microeconomic outcomes, where delivery is episodic with inbuilt exit than where delivery and accountability are quotidian and more [...]

Trump struggles to compete with Beijing’s big spenders | Arab News

Washington and New Delhi are seeking to finalize a US-India trade agreement before Donald Trump’s two-day trip this month.  While the immediate goal for the president is enhancing relations, the important longer-term objective is reinforcing his revamped regional Indo-Pacific strategy in the face of China’s growing strength. The White House senses a wider, strategic opportunity [...]

‘India-Japan ties have been extremely strong for decades’ – The Hindu

“The main thrust of the Indo-Japanese coordination in the Indian Ocean region centres around expanding maritime diplomacy, accompanied by specific steps to implement directives provided from time-to-time." — Read on

In ‘Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line,’ an unforgettable voice emerges from an Indian slum – The Washington Post

The debut novel follows a child detective bent on tracking down a missing classmate. — Read on

India navigates a new global order | Bruegel

... the G20 embodies a shift in global attention from national living standards (real per capita income) to the size of the economy. The doctrine of poorer countries receiving special treatment has been replaced by expectation of burden-sharing, irrespective of the level of development. Two critical domains are in rules for trade and expected action [...]

Delicate diplomacy: Australia needs to understand its neighbours better | The Strategist

It may pay Australian analysts to recall Samuel Huntington’s warning some decades ago that if Japan ever lost confidence in America’s commitment to lead the Asian region it might surprise the world by quickly ‘accommodating China’. — Read on