The king of Haiti and the dilemmas of freedom in a colonised world | Aeon Essays

In the early 19th century, Haiti was the only example in the Americas of a nation populated primarily by former enslaved Africans who had become free and independent. Other nations, including Haiti’s trading partners, were determined to prevent abolition and their colonies from becoming free, so they refused to recognise Haitian sovereignty. When France finally [...]

Ukrainian Railroad Ladies – The Washington Post

When asked about his inspiration for “Ukrainian Railroad Ladies,” a series of portraits of women who work as traffic controllers and safety officers, photographer Sasha Maslov said, “As a photographer I was drawn to the architecture and interiors of these buildings. As a storyteller I was attracted by the anthropological and social roles played by [...]

The Perils of Antoinette | by Hilary Mantel | The New York Review of Books

In Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette—as in Stephen Frears’s The Queen, about Elizabeth II—there are repeated scenes in which a rumpled royal person wakes up, dazed, and—yawning and rearranging herself—passes from the unreality of dreams to the unreality of a waking life as a queen. Coppola’s film has a beautiful sleepwalker at its center, and [...]

Mary Anne Talbot – Wikipedia

Mary Anne Talbot also known as John Taylor[1] (2 February 1778[2] – 4 February 1808) was an Englishwoman who wore male dress and became a soldier and sailor during the French Revolutionary Wars. — Read on

Cathy Park Hong And The Complexities Of Asian American Consciousness | SSENSE

In her book, Hong moves between concepts of invisibility and erasure, dissecting moments in the culture, shifting between art, language, history and personal memory with a deft sensitivity, touching on events such as the disturbing 2017 video of a United Airlines passenger named David Dao being forcibly removed from an airplane to her education at [...]

Fact-check: the idea of ‘race’ is not modern but late-medieval | Aeon Essays

The history of race helps us understand the conditions in which racism flourishes. If we could find the origins of racial classification, then we would know for certain that racism is not an inevitable aspect of social life. Furthermore, if it turns out that ‘race’ is a modern invention, then dismantling certain modern institutions would [...]

What is Race? Four Philosophical Views // Reviews // Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews // University of Notre Dame

In his provocative 2006 essay, “‘Race’: Normative, Not Metaphysical or Semantic,” Ron Mallon argues that much of the apparent metaphysical debate over race is an illusion.1 There is widespread agreement that racialist race (race conceived of in essentialist and hierarchical terms) is unreal. The remaining metaphysical debate (over whether race understood in a non-racialist way [...]

Who Gets to Be a Jewish Writer? | Public Books

... Roth drew a compelling proposition: “As I see it, the task for the Jewish novelist has not been to go forth to forge in the smithy of his soul the uncreated conscience of his race, but to find inspiration in a conscience that has been created and undone a hundred times over.” Maybe this [...]

The Pumpkin Eater – New York Review Books

The Pumpkin Eater is a surreal black comedy about the wages of adulthood and the pitfalls of parenthood. A nameless woman speaks, at first from the precarious perch of a therapist’s couch, and her smart, wry, confiding, immensely sympathetic voice immediately captures and holds our attention. She is the mother of a vast, swelling brood [...]