Writers blocked: Even fantasy fiction is now offensive | Spectator USA

Persecution is endemic in the vicious world of Young Adult publishing. The escapist settings of fantasy fiction are still afflicted by the culture war — Read on spectator.us/writers-blocked-fantasy-fiction/


The New Great Game in the Indian Ocean

http://www.youtube.com/watch The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean, its littoral countries are home to almost half the world’s population. two-thirds of the world’s trade passes through the Indian Ocean, including most of its oil supplies. It is no surprise then that the Indian Ocean is fast emerging as the world’s most actively contested geopolitical … Continue reading The New Great Game in the Indian Ocean

Geopolitics: Understanding Oceanic Space

http://www.youtube.com/watch The Geopolitics of the 21st century will be determined by the potential of great powers to build regimes of control over the seas, or oceanic space. It is vital that we understand how the use of oceans has evolved over the ages, and how it stands today. The idea of oceans being the common … Continue reading Geopolitics: Understanding Oceanic Space