The Perils of Antoinette | by Hilary Mantel | The New York Review of Books

In Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette—as in Stephen Frears’s The Queen, about Elizabeth II—there are repeated scenes in which a rumpled royal person wakes up, dazed, and—yawning and rearranging herself—passes from the unreality of dreams to the unreality of a waking life as a queen. Coppola’s film has a beautiful sleepwalker at its center, and [...]

Fortune de France – Wikipedia

Fortune de France (Fortunes of France) is a sequence of 13 historical novels by French author Robert Merle, published between 1977 and 2003. The series is about 16th and 17th century France through the eyes of a fictitious Huguenot doctor-turned-spy Pierre de Siorac. It made Merle a household name in France, with the author repeatedly [...]

EDITORIAL: Exchanges with France invaluable – Taipei Times

French Office in Taipei director Benoit Guidee in July 2018 called Taiwan “an important partner of France in Asia,” and “a platform for French development in the region.” Guidee is now stationed in Shanghai, and it is unknown whether he represented sentiment in Paris when he made the remarks, but Tsai should probe France’s intentions [...]

Is France irked by Erdogan’s passion for Africa?

But is Turkey’s Africa strategy really hindering France?  True, France has lost economic ground to China and India, which have stormed into Africa in recent years, as well as to Spain, which stands out among Western powers trying to counter the Chinese and Indian thrusts, and even to Britain, another former colonial power. In 2017, [...]

Two Parisian bookstores, side by side, are waging a culture war – The Washington Post

One right-wing bookshop is trying to normalize white supremacist anger. The Anglophone bookshop next door is having none of it. — Read on

French Foreign Policy in East Africa: Not Without Challenges, but Promising Signs Exist – Future Directions International

France is concerned about the increasing influence of China in the East African region. Its renewed interest there is partly due to a desire to offset China’s gains while also deepening mutually-beneficial economic and political links with three key regional countries: Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya. — Read on

Indian, French submarines carry out 35-hour long drill off Djibouti coast – The Week

Last week, for more than 35 hours, an Indian submarine and a French nuclear attack submarine carried out a naval drill as part of Varuna 19.2 to train their crew in detection, tracking and plunge attack while maintaining control over maritime areas. — Read on