Two Parisian bookstores, side by side, are waging a culture war – The Washington Post

One right-wing bookshop is trying to normalize white supremacist anger. The Anglophone bookshop next door is having none of it. — Read on

French Foreign Policy in East Africa: Not Without Challenges, but Promising Signs Exist – Future Directions International

France is concerned about the increasing influence of China in the East African region. Its renewed interest there is partly due to a desire to offset China’s gains while also deepening mutually-beneficial economic and political links with three key regional countries: Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya. — Read on

Indian, French submarines carry out 35-hour long drill off Djibouti coast – The Week

Last week, for more than 35 hours, an Indian submarine and a French nuclear attack submarine carried out a naval drill as part of Varuna 19.2 to train their crew in detection, tracking and plunge attack while maintaining control over maritime areas. — Read on

Abe and Macron agree to coordinate ahead of G20, while tiptoeing around Ghosn and Nissan | The Japan Times

Prime Minister Abe and French President Macron agreed in Paris to coordinate closely in addressing global economic, trade and environmental issues before Japan hosts the G20 summit in June. — Read on

The problem with EU foreign policy – Charlemagne

SEVERAL MIRAGE 2000 fighter jets took off from an air base in N’Djamena, Chad’s capital, on February 3rd and flew north over the savannah and the scrubby Sahel towards the Sahara Desert. There the French planes bombed a column of some 50 lorries carrying rebels south from the Libyan border. — Read on

Europe and Iran: an era of post-USA Eurasian Geopolitics?

When Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran Nuclear deal last year, it's not quite certain he expected the United States's European allies to follow suit. Not only have the European parties to the accord - France, Britain and Germany - stuck with the Iran, this week they announced a 'special purpose vehicle' which will … Continue reading Europe and Iran: an era of post-USA Eurasian Geopolitics?