Wilson Center Digital Archive

The Digital Archive contains once-secret documents from governments all across the globe, uncovering new sources and providing fresh insights into the history of international relations and diplomacy. The Digital Archive is overseen by the Wilson Center's History and Public Policy Program and focuses on the interrelated histories of the Cold War, Korea, and Nuclear Proliferation. [...]

Etymology and delusion, part 2 | OUPblog

Last week (November 20, 2019), I discussed one aspect of etymological lunacy. Looking for a (or even the) protolanguage is a sound idea, even though specialists’ efforts in this direction have been both successful and disappointing. The existence of Proto-Indo-European and Proto-Semitic can hardly be doubted; yet many crucial details remain unknown. — Read on [...]

The Great Game: Afghanistan, British India and the Hundred Year War for India’s Northern Frontier

The Great Game refers to the hundred year geostrategic contest between Britain and Russia for control of Eurasia in the 19th century.  The arena for the Great Game was all the lands, kingdoms and nations between the two Empires. At the beginning of the Great Game the territories of British India and Tsarist Russia were [...]

The “16+1” Becomes the “17+1”: Greece Joins China’s Dwindling Cooperation Framework in Central and Eastern Europe – Jamestown

The “16+1” Becomes the “17+1”: Greece Joins China’s Dwindling Cooperation Framework in Central and Eastern Europe - Jamestown — Read on jamestown.org/program/the-161-becomes-the-171-greece-joins-chinas-dwindling-cooperation-framework-in-central-and-eastern-europe/

Can think-tanks survive a post-fact world? – Open Future

A HUNDRED years ago this week, diplomats and academics from the British and American delegations at the Versailles peace conference at the end of the first world war met for a dinner at the Hotel Majestic in Paris, a short stroll from the Arc de Triomphe. — Read on http://www.economist.com/open-future/2019/05/29/can-think-tanks-survive-a-post-fact-world

Geopolitics of the Indian Ocean and Indo Pacific

http://www.youtube.com/watch The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean, its littoral countries are home to almost half the world’s population. two-thirds of the world’s trade passes through the Indian Ocean, including most of its oil supplies. It is no surprise then that the Indian Ocean is fast emerging as the world’s most actively contested geopolitical [...]