“Suez in Perspective” – British Propaganda Film on the Invasion of Egypt in 1956


Egypt breaks ice with Hamas

Saleh al-Arouri, deputy chief of Hamas' political bureau, announced during an interview on Al-Aqsa satellite channel Feb. 22 that Egypt sent an invitation to Hamas to visit it to discuss several important issues. Arouri said that Egypt is Hamas’ second home and underlined the stability of relations between them. This is the first time Egypt [...]

Egyptian readers mourn ALEF bookstores

 In the Cairo International Book Fair, the oldest and largest annual literary gathering in the Middle East, there is one conspicuous absence this year. ALEF, one of the regulars with a huge stand in the past, is no longer there to offer books from small publishers and budding writers. The bookstore chain closed the last of its 37 branches on Dec. [...]

Publishers, writers watch from behind bars as Cairo Book Fair wraps

With a record 900 publishers participating and a massive turnout of 3.5 million visitors, the 51st Cairo International Book Fair wrapped up on Feb. 4 and has been hailed by organizers as a resounding success. But it has also been criticized by free speech advocates for banning some controversial titles and excluding a number of publishers.  "The censorship at the [fair] is part of a wider state of repression and muzzling [...]

The Deep History of Civilisation: the blue emerald of the Indus

In the high mountainous knot of the Pamirs in South Central Asia, in the Badakhshan region of north eastern Afghanistan, there is a small cave on the side of the hill. On approaching closer, one might hear the clink-clink of rock striking rock; one might see that the inside of the cave is lit with [...]