Dogs Are Surprisingly Stressed and Anxious, Study Finds

Nearly three out of four dogs exhibit some kind of serious behavioral problem related to anxiety, according to a survey involving nearly 14,000 pet dogs. Many of these problems varied according to breed, pointing to the need for improved owner awareness and better breeding practices. Research published today in Scientific Reports shows that 72.5 percent [...]

Dogs’ Cool, Wet Noses May Be Able to Detect Heat | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

If you’ve ever given a dog a boop on the snout, you may have noticed that its rhinarium—the furless patch of skin that surrounds the nostrils—is wet and cool. A new study published in Scientific Reports has found that these chilly rhinaria make dogs sensitive to radiating heat, which in turn might help them track [...]

My brilliant friend: Exploring the joyousness of dogs

joyousness of dogs, or at any rate their great affability, must have been a significant factor in their induction into human communities. The usual utilitarian view that dogs were first put to practical uses – hunting, guarding, pulling – and only later became inserted into family life as pets is implausible. In several modern-day hunter-gatherer [...]

Did humans truly domesticate dogs? Canine history is more of a mystery than you think. | Popular Science

To look upon a dog, even through a one-way mirror, is to look upon our own species as well—what it takes to live in harmony, to understand one another, to replace fear and aggression with love and loyalty. Perhaps that is why dogs are so thoroughly delightful. They are a living reminder of a better [...]