Asia Times | India, China and contours of the Asian Century | Article

These two giants share a common interest in the rise of a multipolar world but they need to overcome decades of mutual lack of trust to achieve a shared vision of peace — Read on


History of Geopolitics: theories and types of geopolitics In this presentation we look at the development of geopolitics as a concept and practice. The concept emerged in the beginning of the 20th century, as Geopolitik. (For a preview of the contents of this lecture see: Over decades of global diplomacy and international politics it was interpreted and developed by scholars from … Continue reading History of Geopolitics: theories and types of geopolitics

Belt and Road Initiative: Geopolitical Analysis The Belt and Road initiative is a convergence of China's New Silk Road project to create land routes through Central Asia, linking Eurasia and Europe, with the New Maritime Silk Road initiative to build a network of ports and logistics in the Indian Ocean region. This presentation analyses the geopolitics of the Belt and … Continue reading Belt and Road Initiative: Geopolitical Analysis

India keen on ASEAN playing key role in emerging Indo-Pacific: Jaishankar

 India has said that it wants to see a strong, unified and prosperous ASEAN playing a central role in the emerging dynamic of the Indo-Pacific as it contributes to the country’s prosperity and security as well. Addressing foreign ministers of the ASEAN member states here in the Thai — Read on