How can the human rights community respond to severe political polarization? | OpenGlobalRights

Severe political polarization is tearing at the seams of democracies around the world, with dangerous consequences for our societies, institutions, and human rights. — Read on

The Parable of the Superhero Movie

You’ve been bitten by a radioactive spider. Or, you come from a doomed planet in the far reaches of space. Maybe, you’re a god, or the child of a god-king. Perhaps you are just an incredibly rich billionaire, philanthropist, playboy or, heaven forbid, orphan. But, the crux of the story is - you have power. [...]

Asian nations should join hands for rural revival : The Tribune India

‘Asia Hunger facts’ reveal that Asian peasantry, which provides nourishment to all, is itself under- or malnourished and lives in poverty. Asia has always had more hungry people and more malnourished children, though Africa is frequently presented, as the centre of ‘world hunger’. This is because Asia has so many more people. For example: 64 [...]

An Epic Struggle for Mastery of a Subcontinent – Los Angeles Review of Books

THE ANARCHY, William Dalrymple’s gripping book on the East India Company’s “relentless rise” in the Indian subcontinent from 1756 to 1803, settles many things. No one can now argue that Indians did not put up a tough fight; that they lacked in enterprise, dignity, or political sophistication; that the Mughals — the empire that ruled [...]

China’s New Silk Road Strategy and the Middle East

In recent years, the People’s Republic of China has significantly increased its economic and diplomatic engagement with the Middle East. Most of Beijing’s investment in the region focuses on energy, infrastructure construction, nuclear power, new energy sources, agriculture, and finance. These investments serve not only China’s interests but also those of Middle Eastern countries hoping [...]

Navigating the Digitisation of Geopolitics | ORF

From the steam engine to penicillin to the atom bomb, the development and deployment of frontier technologies have always been intimately tied to geopolitical disruptions. Those disruptions often manifest as a race towards the acquisition of new technologies – or diplomatic elbowing to consolidate gains from scientific breakthroughs and keep these out of reach of challengers. Tensions fuelled by digital technologies are the [...]

Why we should reboot the Biosphere projects

The last Biosphere 2 project ended 18 years ago. Correction: The failed Biosphere 2 project ended 18 years ago. That's right, our only real attempt to create an artificial, materially closed ecological system ended in complete failure. As it stands, we still do not know how to create a viable self-sustaining ecosystem — a frightening [...]

Transnational labour regulation and international trade: towards a complementary approach | OUPblog

In today’s globalised economy, the free movement of goods, services and capital impels countries to compete for trade and foreign investment by lowering their labour standards. International trade is therefore widely perceived as instigating regulatory competition between countries, or a “race to the bottom”. The challenge that international trade poses for countries’ labour standards has [...]

Leadership and responses to the coronavirus | East Asia Forum

The initial response in China highlights the flaws of authoritarian systems that curtail free speech. When Dr Li Wenliang at the Wuhan Central Hospital attempted to sound the alarm he was censored and admonished for his efforts. Public grief and anger exploded on Chinese social media after his death five weeks later from the virus [...]