Many Scots want independence from the United Kingdom. How might that play out in a post-Brexit world?

Independence is a vexed question for the Scottish people, especially with so much yet unknown about how the UK will fare in its divorce from the European Union. — Read on

Britain’s Soft Power Potential: In Conversation with Penny Mordaunt | Chatham House

Often defined as the capacity to influence others without coercion or force, soft power differs from traditional military capabilities in favour of more subtle forms of influence rooted in values, culture and civic institutions. Consistently upholding democratic values and human rights can contribute to a nation’s soft power as much as its cultural icons and [...]

John le Carré on Brexit: ‘It’s breaking my heart’ | Books | The Guardian

This week the novelist received the Olof Palme prize for achievement in the spirit of the assassinated Swedish statesman. He reflects on how a lack of leadership today has allowed us to ‘sleepwalk’ into Brexit — Read on