Covid-19 driving a digital health care revolution – Asia Times

Back in October, former Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang first cautioned that the world is now undergoing a Fourth Industrial Revolution, — Read on

Can AI Dream of a Better World? | The Oxonian Review

The new ethos taking hold in Palo Alto and Menlo Park—call it “sunshine normativity”—is built on the implicit promise that, once the technologists have made their Faustian bargains in profit’s name, the humanists will swoop in for a last-act intervention and redeem the soul of the whole enterprise. It is therefore no surprise that ethics [...]

Hello quantum world! Google publishes landmark quantum supremacy claim

Scientists at Google say that they have achieved quantum supremacy, a long-awaited milestone in quantum computing. The announcement, published in Nature on 23 October, follows a leak of an early version of the paper five weeks ago, which Google did not comment on at the time. In a world first, a team led by John [...]

Belt and Road Initiative: Geopolitical Analysis The Belt and Road initiative is a convergence of China's New Silk Road project to create land routes through Central Asia, linking Eurasia and Europe, with the New Maritime Silk Road initiative to build a network of ports and logistics in the Indian Ocean region. This presentation analyses the geopolitics of the Belt and [...]