China’s Fujian province sees robust growth in trade with Belt and Road countries | The Star Online

XIAMEN (Xinhua): Fujian Province on China's eastern coast, which boasts traditional trade ties on the ancient Marine Silk Road, witnessed strong growth in trade with Belt and Road (B&R) countries in 2019. — Read on

The Great Game: Afghanistan, British India and the Hundred Year War for India’s Northern Frontier

The Great Game refers to the hundred year geostrategic contest between Britain and Russia for control of Eurasia in the 19th century.  The arena for the Great Game was all the lands, kingdoms and nations between the two Empires. At the beginning of the Great Game the territories of British India and Tsarist Russia were [...]

The Anti-1984 Book: ‘Orwell’s Revenge: The 1984 Palimpsest’ by Peter Huber

George Orwell's 1984 remains a pathbreaking book (and warning for our times) even today. However, if there is one lesson you must learn from 1984 is never let your ideas be determined by the media, or the zeitgeist. The idea of a pre-ordained 1984-inspired technological doomsday has become just that. Peter Huber's book is challenge [...]