Southern Africa instruments – Tapping Into Ancient Soundscapes

Southern Africa instruments - An archaeologist shares the results of new research on musical instruments in Southern Africa. — Read on

Overblown and under-loved: wind farms at the edge of beauty | Aeon Essays

In The Great Animal Orchestra, Bernie Krause defines soundscape by breaking it down into ‘geophony’ — the sounds made by the physical environment (wind, water, etc); ‘biophony’ — the sounds made by animals, birds and insects; and ‘androphony’ — the sounds made by human activities. A soundscape is the interaction and balance of these factors, [...]

“Les Troyens” at the Met by Jacques Barzun | The New Criterion

Berlioz, adapting Virgil, has given us a tale of two cities, both shown to us at first in happy celebration, both ending in disaster; each the scene of a collective and an individual tragedy through faith misplaced. Troy falls through its excessive piety, Carthage is shattered by the love-betrayal of its queen. It is therefore [...]

All the world’s a stage – buskers can make it big in a connected world

Street musicians are the producers of sidewalk melodies, the authors of the soundtrack of our cities. There is a unique interrelation between buskers and fans that occurs only in the streets, with no security staff, no VIP seats, or entrance fee. In the past two decades, the audience for street performers has grown from dozens [...]

Does Music Boost Your Cognitive Performance? – Scientific American

Music makes life better in so many ways. It elevates mood, reduces stress and eases pain. Music is heart-healthy, because it can lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate and decrease stress hormones in the blood. It also connects us with others and enhances social bonds. Music can even improve workout endurance and increase our enjoyment [...]

How old music conservatories turned orphans into composers | OUPblog

These church-sponsored orphanages practiced a kind of alchemy—they took in defenseless little social outcasts and transformed them into skilled artisans whose services would one day be in high demand. A range of skilled trades were taught at the almost two hundred conservatories in Naples, including four conservatories that taught the trade of music. — Read [...]