Trawling for secrets in haunting films recovered from the bottom of the sea | Aeon Videos

The British ocean liner RMS Lusitania embarked on its infamous final voyage from New York to Liverpool on 1 May 1915. Six days later, torpedoed by German U-boats off the southern coast of Ireland, the ship sank in less than 20 minutes, killing 1,198 passengers and crew, and setting the US on the path to [...]

Rise and Fall of the Indus Valley Civilisation: a perspective

    The Indus Valley Civilisation lasted from the late fifth to the second millennium BC, developed a vast network of well planned settlements and engaged in long distance trade with Egypt and Mesopotamia. The civilisation was referred to as Meluhha in Mesopotamian sources - a name which still exists in India for many fertile [...]

Giant asteroid apocalypse 13K years ago was witnessed by ancient humans, experts believe

The asteroid that hit Earth nearly 13,000 years ago and ended the Pleistocene era likely wiped out an ancient civilization in what is modern-day Syria, according to newly discovered evidence. The research, published in Scientific Reports, notes that experts discovered remnants of glass that were created during a high-impact event, as well as minerals such as chromium, [...]

Cursed Death Messages Surface From Poisoned Athens Well | Ancient Origins

A 2,500 year-old water well in Athens has been discovered holding dozens of curse tablets. The 30 small lead tablets were found engraved with ancient curses and hexes at the bottom of a 2,500 year-old well in the area of Kerameikos, in the ancient Athens main burial ground. Dr. Jutta Stroszeck, director of the Kerameikos [...]