“Between the idea and reality,

Between the motion and the act,

lies the shadow.”

  • T. S. Eliot

Ever since I first heard this line, my introduction to T. S. Eliot before I knew who he was, I was fascinated by both its intricate linguistic structure and its depth of thought. Language, as an instrument of expression, we learn to use in different ways, as we read, and learn, and grow. But language as an instrument of thought, of deep, motivated thought, that seeks to understand, comprehend, and shape the world around us, is a wonderful facet of writing that must be discovered for each one on their own – discovered and cultivated. Of course, we have the masters, such as Eliot to show us the way, to inspire us, but the journey of a writer is a lonely one. The journey can be frustrating, even excruciating, it takes a toll, both mental, and surprisingly, even physical. But there is nothing in the world more rewarding than being able to express one’s thoughts, to understand the world, and to write about it. We are all motivated by our own goals. I have been very fortunate that my personal interests in reading and writing have coalesced with my career as a scholar. I am fortunate, but with this blessing of circumstance, also comes a duty.

We will all not become great, or powerful, or wise. But as we learn, as we grow, we see more, perhaps we even become more aware of the countless injustices around us, and we become angry, frustrated and helpless at the same time. We can all not become great leaders of men, politicians, revolutionaries, nor can we become saints or Buddhas. But if we feel injustice in the world around us, there is one thing we can all do – we can write.

My writing, in this blog, began as a response to what I studied in class – Political Science following Law. I wanted to make sense of the big ideas I was exposed to every day, which fired my imagination. So, I began, with no big purpose, other than to understand, to make sense of the world, of humanity. And this is what I continue to do.

I do not know whom I am writing for, perhaps only for my future self. But, along the way, I have found beautiful strangers who wander in, perhaps only to look, perhaps to read one line, a paragraph here or there, perhaps even more. To all who wander in, thank you, and thank you again. There is no greater joy for a writer than to be read, and no greater destiny for an idea, no matter how small, than to be shared.


As for the mundane matters – I am currently working towards a Ph.d, in Geopolitics/Political Science/Philosophy – (!) – on the cultural history of the Indian Ocean world, from antiquity to the future. Before this, I have written an M.Phil dissertation, on the history of land frontiers in South-central Asia. My interests, as should be evident, are in human history, and my work is deeply motivated by the belief that humanity needs to work harder at transcending all sorts of political, social, cultural and ideological boundaries that we have accrued across the ages. This blog is primarily a record of the evolution of my learning – I would want to say intellect! It is my fundamental belief that ideas have a life of their own, and thoughts are not born in us, but come to us. It is our duty, as thinkers, to pass them on. This is an effort, small, but very satisfying.

Thank you for visiting. May you live long and prosper!


Gurpreet Goraya

Senior Research Fellow,

Centre for the Study of Geopolitics,

Panjab University (India).

email : gurpreetgoraya@gmail.com

Twitter : @gpsgoraya


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