China: Charting a Course Between Conflict and Accommodation – OZY | A Modern Media Company

Our China strategy will require the flexibility to adjust to changing circumstances, but starting principles could include:

A determination to compete aggressively on all measures of power and influence and to implement this with an American “whole-of-government” effort — that is, a strategy that marshals all parts of the U.S. government in a coordinated manner — economic, military, diplomatic and intelligence.
Enhanced consultative mechanisms with China — military, diplomatic, economic, intelligence — to foster mutual comprehension and conflict management.
U.S. cultivation and strengthening of U.S.-based alliances — aimed not at walling off China but at coordinating interaction with it. This is our most effective “force multiplier.”
Focusing on aspects of U.S. defense modernization, acquisition, planning and deployment that give priority to enhancing deterrence — with the overriding aim of discouraging Chinese provocations that can lead to conflict.
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