The Great Elmore Leonard Renaissance of the Late ’90s | CrimeReads

During his reign as the preeminent king of American crime lit, the late Elmore Leonard was often described as “the most cinematic novelist in the English language.” It was a designation he seemed to encourage, once remarking “I’ve always seen my books as movies.”

To be fair, the cinematic track record of Leonard adaptations is one of peaks and valleys (actually, it’s more like mountains and chasms), but for all the truly terrible adaptations that have sprung from his books, there have also been several outright classics, including three back-to-back films from the late Nineties.

The first of that thematic trilogy was Get Shorty, which came out in October of 1995. With that film’s 25th anniversary due up later this year, now seems as fitting a time as any to look back on the height of Dutch’s cinematic prominence, a period that might well be known as ‘The Leonardssance’. 

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