On Track for the Apocalypse, ‘Snowpiercer’ Comes to Television – The New York Times

The science-fiction action film “Snowpiercer” takes its name from its setting: a gargantuan train that has become humanity’s last refuge after a failed attempt at reversing climate change renders the earth otherwise unlivable. As it traverses the frozen remains of our planet, this 1,001-car behemoth houses a brutal dystopia where class divisions are rigidly enforced and where resources — as well as justice and equality — are in short supply.
Directed by Bong Joon Ho, who wrote the film with Kelly Masterson, “Snowpiercer” was a critically acclaimed cult hit when it was released (in 2013 in South Korea, and the following year in the United States) — a bleakly imaginative parable that seemed safely set in the faraway future.
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