Why conspiracy theories are dangerous – Asia Times

Conspiracy theories offer an easily digestible worldview that helps to make sense of our perplexing circumstances. But they are destructive and antithetical to constructive political organizing.

Imagine if the energy wasted on believing that “9/11 was an inside job” had instead been poured into fixing American foreign policy in the Middle East. Claiming that the attacks were a pretext for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq has done little actually to end those wars. It has simply enabled “9/11 truth” believers to congratulate themselves on having the inside scoop on the most harrowing American event in recent memory.

Today’s anti-vaccination movement that bases its belief in the dangers of vaccines on the profit motives of the pharmaceutical industry has actually done little to hold that industry to account. It has simply resulted in growing numbers of Americans withholding vaccinations of their children, which in turn has helped previously eradicated diseases like measles to return and endanger the most vulnerable among us.
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