The 19 Best Crime-Solving Writers in Fiction, Ranked | CrimeReads

The crime-solving writer is one of the most (deservingly!) beloved tropes in all of crime fiction—literature, film and television alike. After all,  crime-solving offers a thrilling, high-stakes fantasy outlet for the kind of dogged research, fact-checking, and discovery-making at which writers excel. Plus, everyone seems to think that writers have endless free time during the day to do things like take long, boozy lunches with friends or spend a lot of time dwelling on romances and solve murders which baffle the police.

But the writer-detective also embodies a pleasurable collapsing of the key enjoyments of crime fiction itself; the idea that the writer behind a crime novel might be basing the story on a real-life feat offers a very compelling sensation that these exploits might not actually be so far-fetched. It’s not just escapism, it’s also familiarity. Being a writer is seen, perhaps, as the closest thing to actually being on an adventure
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