Weathering With You Movie Review: Makoto Shinkai’s New Anime

The animated Tokyo of Weathering With You is caught in the grip of a seemingly endless downpour. Rain sheets down on the waterlogged city with a dreary consistency, transforming its sidewalks into seas of puddles, and obscuring its citizens under slow-moving streams of umbrellas. On the news, the unrelenting precipitation gets described first as unseasonable, then as record-breaking, and finally, when it gives way to typhoon warnings and bursts of snow in August, as dangerous. But even when the storm gets severe enough to start driving people from their homes, it’s spoken about with a resigned acceptance that feels terribly familiar. It’s the acceptance that a recent misery might just be the new normal. “I feel sorry for children nowadays. We used to have beautiful springs and summers,” one character muses. The weather is the weather, and, regardless of how human behavior may have altered it, it has to be lived with. Unless, of course, you happen to find yourself with the power to change it, the way one of the characters in Weathering With You do.
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