The Middle East Peace “Vision” From an Old CIA Hand – Just Security

The recent rollout of the much-ballyhooed Trump administration “vision” for Middle East peace resulted in an outpouring of negative comments from former United States government officials who have worked in the region. Critics charged that the so-called “vision” was decidedly one-sided in favor of Israel—specifically adhering to the ideology of the Israeli right, with the annexation of 30 percent of the West Bank including all Israeli settlements, plus continued Israeli control over the Jordan Valley, leaving Palestinians with a disjointed archipelago for their future territory. The Palestinians were not consulted as part of U.S. efforts to draft the plan. Several Sunni Arab States sent representatives to the White House ceremony unveiling the plan, but key actors, such as Egypt and Jordan, and most importantly, Palestinian leadership, were notably absent. Since the Trump administration rolled out the plan, significant backtracking has occurred from the Arab States who initially voiced their tepid support.
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