Manage a Team or Build a Community with the P2 Theme


Whether you need a blog, website, portfolio, or something in between, we have a number of designs, called themes, to choose from. But what about a space to manage a community? A private site to track team projects? A forum to hold discussions in your class? Consider P2, a unique theme that’s ideal for groups. Here are a few ways to make P2 work for you.

The P2 theme is ideal for group collaboration: you can share updates, plan and manage projects, foster conversations, and more. Your group can use it in lieu of email — chatting and responding instead on P2’s post threads — or use it as a space to ask questions and document information and processes. (It’s a great companion to Slack!)

While especially made for groups, P2 is also helpful for individuals looking to build upon their existing followings — think fan…

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