It’s 2038. The World Is Dust and Forests Are Scarce. – The New York Times

Imagine that you’re a humble woodland guide, working for pitiful wages at an island resort northwest of Vancouver, British Columbia. The year is 2038, and Greenwood Arboreal Cathedral, as it’s called, is home to “one of the last remaining old-growth forests on Earth.”

Most of the world has succumbed to dust storms and “rib retch” (a new strain of tuberculosis) following a “Great Withering” from spreading “fungal blights and insect infestations.” So while you may be family-less, somewhat alcoholic and so mired in student debt that you can’t afford an internet connection, you’re well aware that there are worse things than living and working on Greenwood Island, a destination rich folks pay exorbitant sums to visit.

Then along comes a dubious ex-boyfriend, a lawyer, who tells you that you may actually own the island.
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