The value of time : experience and joy

What is the worth of any given moment of your life? Is it something that can be measured – a unit of time, a breath, a heartbeat? Or, is it something more personal, like, say – experience?

Consider this as you seek to answer this question for yourself. When you are sitting in moments of rest what does your mind turn to – where do your thoughts go? Now, sometimes they turn to memories of happiness, or anticipation of future joy. Sometimes, unfortunately, to despair.

One experience of the moment is, we can agree, more valuable than the other. In the long run, the more we can focus on those joy-generating moments, the more valuable our life experience will be. Each person has to ultimately find their own ‘method’ for doing this.

For me, it is the simple pursuits of happiness that do the trick : music, meditation and reading. All three have their associated corollaries. Music, for example, often leads into flights of imagination, and creativity. Meditation, in which category I include yoga, and any other form of focus building exercise (such as martial arts, or weight training) helps me organise my thoughts. And reading, with its corollary writing, brings it all together into a journey of consistent intellectual growth.

Through these simple habits, I try to create more joyful moments in my life. Everyone has to find their own method, but one thing works for all : stop to consider, what experiences does your mind turn to when it is silent and still? Pursue the joy generating path. That is the purpose of life.