Coming of Age, Whether She’s Ready or Not – The New York Times

Even with a handful of compelling plots in the air, King is at her wisest and most self-assured when she shows how Casey gradually gets her bearings as a motherless daughter: one step forward, two steps back. Losing a parent at any age is the pits, but being the first of your friends to go through it — to be the one writing a eulogy when everyone else is writing wedding vows — is its own fresh hell. “Writers & Lovers” bravely traverses that pain, from the stab of tone-deaf comments (a middle school pal complains about the cost of the plane ticket from her Bermuda vacation to Casey’s mom’s funeral); to the adrenaline hit of obsession (at the library to research Cuba, Casey ends up reading about writers and their dead mothers); to the dull ache of the everyday (“My mother will be worrying about me, and I can’t tell her that I’m OK”).
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