China Explores Economic Outreach to U.S. States Via United Front Entities – Jamestown

Ever since the seeming collapse of U.S.-China trade talks in early May (China Brief, May 29), state media outlets of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) have unleashed a vitriolic campaign to blame the breakdown of the talks on the alleged bad faith of U.S. interlocutors, and have even claimed that U.S.-imposed tariffs are motivated by “hegemonic” intentions and a desire to “contain China’s development” (Global Times, June 10). However, amidst the harsh rhetoric directed at U.S. policymakers at the national level, a far more conciliatory message is being delivered to American public officials at the state level, in the hope that such connections might serve to sustain U.S.-China trade relations amidst the “trade war” raging between the two national governments. Many of these outreach efforts are being conducted either by “people-to-people” diplomacy organizations, or by Chinese trade associations—both of which occupy prominent places in the PRC’s broader united front architecture for cultivating influence abroad.
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