Can AI Dream of a Better World? | The Oxonian Review

The new ethos taking hold in Palo Alto and Menlo Park—call it “sunshine normativity”—is built on the implicit promise that, once the technologists have made their Faustian bargains in profit’s name, the humanists will swoop in for a last-act intervention and redeem the soul of the whole enterprise. It is therefore no surprise that ethics and political philosophy, and not metaphysics or epistemology, have become tech’s philosophical darlings. The way that philosophy has been incorporated by Silicon Valley reflects a questionable but prevalent local assumption about the relationship between scientists and technologists on the one hand, and humanists on the other (in Stanford lingo: between “techies” and “fuzzies”). The assumption is that “techies” are supposed to understand the world we live in and the systems we build, while “fuzzies” add a few humanistic niceties for good measure.
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