RESOLVED: Abe’s Investment in His Relationship with President Trump Has Advanced Japanese Interests | Center for Strategic and International Studies

Persisting tensions between Washington and Beijing have made it all too tempting to view the world order through the prism of great power competition, with the two biggest global economies competing to advocate for two disparate models for growth. While Japan remains fully committed to the rules of international engagement led by the United States, it has diverged from the U.S. model by focusing more on investing in human capital and providing a social safety net. Indeed, while progressives in the United States regularly look to Scandinavian countries as models of stable growth, Japan’s ability to remain an anchor of stability despite its economic upheavals may well prove to be a better example to look toward. 
The benefits of the personal relationship between Abe and Trump are likely to be short-lived. As he looks to consolidate his legacy as Japan’s longest-serving prime minister, Abe must focus more on securing Japan’s global standing as a country that is resilient to the challenges of the twenty-first century.
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