Intel: Why Russia went on counteroffensive against US criticism over Idlib

Russia seems determined to finish the Idlib issue once and for all — preferrably through a new deal with Turkey, or reluctantly through continued support for military assaults by the Syrian army. It sees the arguments on the humanitarian crisis as fairly hypocritical and thus is in no way is willing to cave under US pressure.

The Foreign Ministry minced no words when replying to the US criticism of Moscow’s actions. “When the US and their allies presumably fought against terrorists in the notheast of Syria and literally leveled to the ground entire cities such as Raqqa, Hajin and Baghouz, no one spoke about a national cease-fire or truce. Having failed to defeat the Islamic State and finding any other good pretext for its unlawful presence in Syria, the Americans are shamelessly looting Syria by trading its natural resources,” the ministry said.
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