Analysing the US-CHINA Trade War: Global Power Dynamics

In this presentation we conduct a theoretical analysis of US-China relations, especially from the perspective of the ongoing trade war. We examine global power dynamics, the alliances and motivations of other great powers in the international arena, and ask the question: what will be the shape of geopolitics in 2019.

This analysis uses the models of geopolitics we have developed in depth on this channel. See links below.

The Geopolitics of the US-China trade war is the most significant global development today. As we get on with the year, to examine the geopolitics of 2019, let us use our models of analysis, using the web of geopolitical power we have developed in previous presentations of this channel let us delve into an analysis of the international system.

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One of the primary questions that anyone analysing Geopolitics in 2019 asks is whether we are witnessing a new Cold War. We are going to examine the relative advantages of the two main great powers: USA and China, using our model of analysis.

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