Geopolitics of the Mughal Empire and East India Company: land vs sea power

An intermediate level analysis of the geopolitics of the Indian Ocean. The East India Company began entered India as merchants in 1600’s and went on to build the greatest Empire in the history of the world.

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This is a deep dive into Geopolitical Theory. We begin to examine the ‘web’ of geopolitical power: inter-relations between geostrategy, geoeconomics and geotechnology. We apply the model of analysis or ‘world power distribution’ developed in earlier presentations on this channel to examine the conflict between land and sea powers. In doing so, we look at geopolitical theories proposed by Halford Mackinder, Alfred Mahan and Paul Kennedy. We also introduce the latest in geopolitical research by looking at A. Phillips and J.S. Sharman’s research on political order in the Indian Ocean.

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